Aerial view from an airplane window of the sunrise light illuminating Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and New Jersey.
Sunrise over New York City in May 2022, the place I now call home.

A reintroduction

Welcome to The Studio of Bill Couch, my new home online for photography, writing, and more. The last year has been a reckoning with ownership, so I am taking control of what I produce online (Robin Sloan says it so much better in his wonderful piece, A year of new avenues). You'll find less of me on Twitter and Instagram, and more of me here. This will start as a weekly-ish newsletter, in a photojournal format similar to what I've shared elsewhere, but with more thought and perhaps a few recommendations. Over time, I intend for it to represent the lens through which I see the world.

This will be an experiment I intend to refine over time, so thanks for reading. I'm very excited for this new chapter ahead, and I hope you'll join me in it.